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Any event, made easy…

Big or small, meeting or party, fancy or casual-This is the easiest place to start. Our friendly, experienced team can help you with everything from picking an inexpensive deli platter, creating a menu to fit your budget or even selecting a wedding cake! For great events and savings-let us take care of the food.



Working lunches. Client meetings. Company anniversaries. At Nora's, we’ve been mixing business with pleasure for more than 10 years. Understanding that employees’ tastes are as diverse as their talents, we’ll help you plan a menu that satisfies everyone.


When you’re ready for a lifetime of love and commitment, you couldn’t ask for a better partner than Classic. Backed by decades of expertise, we’ll bring your dream wedding to life by guiding you through essentials such as creating the perfect menu, ambiance and décor.  

Phone: 443.413.5121


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