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Welcome to Nora's Catering

Question: What types of catering do you offers?

Answer: We can offer food drop-offs, pick-ups, fully staffed events with food station attendants, passers, etc.

Question: What food selections do you offer for catering?

Answer: All of our catering orders are custom. We work with the Executive Chef to create a custom offering for your group (so special requests may be available, too). Our reception menus are used as a starting point for the food options and shows the scope of our offerings.

Question: Are there minimums for delivery and/or delivery fees?

Answer: Drop-offs require a $100 food minimum. Neighborhood deliveries, the fee is waived to $0 during the day.

Question: Do I need staffing?

Answer: Depending on the type of event you are having, staffing may be required. We can offer food drop-offs, pick-ups or fully staffed events with food station attendants, passers, bar staff, etc. Let us know your needs and we can determine the staffing needed.

Question: I’d like to get started on my catered event, what will you need to know from me?

Answer: Once we know the type of catered event you are looking for, we can send a proposal outlining the types of items available and pricing. Please consider our questions listed




• When is the event?
• What type of event are you looking for?
• Are there timing restrictions?
• How many people the event is for?
• Will you need disposables?
• Would you like staffing?
• Facility set up
• Are there any allergies?
• Do you have a budget in mind?
• Any other pertinent information?


For inquiries, please contact us. Cheers!

Private Events and Catering Sales Team

T | 443.413.5121



Any event, made easy…

Big or small, meeting or party, fancy or casual. This is the easiest place to start.

Our friendly, experienced team can help you with everything from picking an inexpensive deli platter, creating a menu to fit your budget or even selecting a wedding cake! For great events and savings-let us take care of the food


For any catering question: Call or Text: 443.413.5121 


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